Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Welcome to the 5Cs of Productivity

    • Your Productivity Challenges

    • What Are The Five C's Of Productivity

  • 2

    Capturing Your Ideas, Tasks, and Projects

    • Learn How To Capture Your Ideas, Tasks, and Creativity

    • Complete Your First Capture Process With A Mind Dump

  • 3

    Categorize Your Tasks

    • Learn How To Use Categories

    • Build Out And Simplify Your Categories List

  • 4

    Get Your Tasks And Ideas Into A Calendar

    • Begin To Get Your Items Into A Calendar and Digital To-Do List

    • Breaking Down Your Calendar Process

  • 5

    Complete Your Tasks

    • Get Those Tasks Completed!

    • Your Process For Completing Your Tasks

  • 6

    Critiquing Your Process And Improving

    • How To Improve And Critique Your Process

    • Using A MOLO To Critique Your Process

  • 7

    Your Next Step

    • Your Last Steps

    • Your Main Takeways